Sunday, January 7, 2018

the other side of the coin...strength

Gosh. Thank you for all of your good wishes. Both here and over on Instagram and via telephone. I do feel well cared for. And I appreciate that. I'm a lucky girl.


Embracing vulnerability was just the right thing to do.

It gave me a chance to count my blessings. To rest. To heal. To wait. To be patient with myself and my body. To be resilient.

A week after the accident I'm in a better place. Stronger. More determined. More inspired. Ready for 2018.

The deep freeze here in Vermont has been filled with white blossoms, gentle light and blue shadows. There's been more snow, more wind, more fires in the Home Comfort, more soup and more early evenings.

There's been nesting too. I found the Harry Potter inspired, hope-filled black and white print at The Diggingest about Emily here. She's is a super cool artist and I'm glad I found her in the midst of these dark days. 

And my tee shirt? It's mighty special. Printed carefully and with intention, you can read about it here. I feel like a badass when I wear it to the gym. :-)

I've got all sorts of ideas and plans for 2018. Check back this week if you're curious to see what's up.



  1. Trying to remember breath work and meditation as a conscious part of my days. During my "gathering healing energy by drawing in gratitude" as my meditation begins, you and Sewandsowlife are often breathed deep within. Today these lovely photos surely ... as for plans, may I have the courage to call their names so they may be.

    1. courage.
      such a good friend she can be these days.
      embrace her.

  2. I hope you are recovering well from your accident and that you are finding some quiet cause for optimism.