Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Monday, May 25, 2009

a full weekend

Last evening, Gretta and I took a walk along the road with cameras and went a little nutty with the shutters. Here are a few of my favorites. (I'm hoping Gretta will do another guest post soon, with her pics.) The color of these lilacs against the weathered woodshed at dusk is oh, so fine. And their scent...ooooo so intoxicating.
I took about 2 dozen photos of my beloved birches, I like the camaraderie of this one.
Look at the color and pattern of these trunks...
and these tops...of sumac.
This morning we spotted this cutie out in the meadow, hunting amidst the grasses and wildflowers.
And these are our moondancing neighbors, back in their own pasture for now.

We got so much done around the property this weekend, despite the nasty little flying black biters! 

And Gretta and I snuck "off property" on Saturday to visit two artists on the Open Studio Weekend. If you go to, you can see the listing of 273 Vermont artists who opened their studios to the public this weekend.

We both wanted to see the work of Jenny Hermenze in Bolton. Her wearable art is just amazing. Hand dyed and stenciled, using the Japanese art of katazome, her pieces are full of her own contemporary motifs worked into pieces steeped in Japanese tradition. Check out her website.

We went from there to see the work of Karen Henderson, who works in collaged landscapes. Her work is breathtaking, and I am still trying to figure out exactly how she did some of her pieces. She had a large piece over her sofa, of birch trees, that I drooled over. She uses a loom, but also does a lot of fabric manipulation and layering and dying. Very cool. She was super friendly and I hope to cross paths with her again...a few of her pieces reminded me of some of mine, in color and perspective ONLY. Hers are uber more professional and wonderful. But I did promise her I'd send her pics....working on getting over the shy thing. Jim Gallagher showed very cool rock and sculptural masks at the same studio space.

So, this has ended up being a long post, and I am tired and I'm always a little cranky when I get home from I will sign off for now. Hope you all found time to breathe and relax and create! Back to the real world tomorrow, eh?


  1. Loved seeing your photographs...and the fox!
    We have seen a kit twice crossing over to a golf course just as the sky is darkening, we know there was a family of them on the next street and this one seems to be an explorer.
    Sounds like a lovely weekend in Vermont, except for those black flies!

  2. What an inspiring post, Karen! No wonder you love Vermont so much!
    Most breathtaking to me was your photo of the birches! I felt a tingle of delight when I saw it! And the other photos were wonderful as well!
    Loved the work of both artists you mentioned and have bookmarked their sites. Glad you are planning to share your own work, because it is fantastic and deserves to be "out there" and recognized!

  3. Hoping you'll get over the "shy thing" soon, Karen! I've been loving your blog, but I've seen more of your quilts in the AQW than on your blog! Our small cozy uch art show that I thought would be an hour after service is now 3 hours with a large wooden sign already advertising it outside the church - aaaaack! I envy your weekend - we stayed home this one. Your birches are exquisite!! Deb

  4. Thank you, all, for your encouraging comments. I am trusting my internal compass, it is very reliable. I know I am in the midst of good things (soul work?) and my hands are patiently plugging away at rather utilitarian, practical projects as my brain putters with ideas and plans. My sketchbook is filling up with a journey, waiting for the right moment to take a different path.

    It's funny, I used to be so impatient! And now I am happy to be present to what needs my attention. It feels better, more peaceful, clearer.