Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Sunday, May 31, 2009

i'm jealous of my car

because she gets to sit in the parking garage 
(i always leave her with a nice view)
while i have to take a few deep breaths
and walk into the MALL...

gretta just really needed a few things for the upcoming months,
like a new, decent rain jacket, 
a new fleece (old one worn out and grown out of),
she never got a swiss army knife, even tho the big kids had...

and another cute (affordable) dress for senior class day.
g is not a clothes hog nor does she have a closet full of shoes
(you have seen her footwear of choice).

so armed with a list and the best attitude we could muster,
we forged ahead.
found most things on sale.
and did OK.
and are still speaking.

but we are TIRED 
and don't feel like we need to go back anytime soon.

we try to shop locally, or online,
because we really don't like malls at all.

too much "stuff", too impersonal, too big,
not the loveliest slice of american life...

oh, i am venting, i know.
but i'll bet g and i are not the only ones familiar with mall fatigue.



  1. You're kind to park your car where she has a nice view! the malls around here mostly look at huge parking lots or highways (and are at a minimum 30 miles away to the nearest)...and i avoid them like a plague. I honestly can't remember when i was last in one...yes, i did go to Bed Bath and Beyond last weekend with my father and cousin, but that was a big box store in a shopping center...not quite the same thing.

    I looked at Greta's shopping list and immediately thought: rain jacket, LL Bean; fleece, LL Bean; Swiss Army knife, LL Bean; cute dress, Coldwater Creek's outlet...all online from the comfort of your home! (or that's what i would have done...)

  2. QC, We understand what you're saying...but here's the problem with that...when you are a really tall girl, like all of us are, it's important to TRY THINGS ON. Hannah and Lindsey are 6' 2". I am 6' and "little Gretta"is 5'11"...but, not to worry, we are done with the mall for a long time!

  3. I seldom go to big malls, usually a TJ Maxx or Marshalls. My daughter hates malls, so you're not alone! Too much stuff, too many choices, too many people.... But I will say we have had some funny shopping trips together, where we got so frustrated we ended up laughing hysterically.
    Fond memories...

  4. Oh, I feel the same way about Malls and so does my husband...we avoid them and the few times we have had to go, we were totally worn out! Much too overwhelming and I don't think the air changes very much inside malls. Just shopping in general is exhausting!