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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

safely home again

I had not even brought the cat carrier up from the basement, and Henry had vanished. When I finally found him, he was smack dab under the middle of the bed in Hannah's room. I had to move both the mattress and the box spring to fetch him!  I'm wondering if he got a telepathic kitty message from his buddy Don Estorbo!  

Henry actually has quite the fan club at the vet's. They are very good to him and smother him with care and love. Maybe someday he will learn to appreciate them...

As you can see, he is home now, in time to finish up the last few scraps of his breakfast. He has retired to the windowsill under the Christmas cactus to watch the goings on in the garden. He has one more week on meds, and then we think all will be fine. 


  1. Your cat looks adorable..... Sue

  2. Karen, Henry looks like a real sweetie, no wonder the vet's staff love him. It's funny how his orangeness changes depending on the light and his surroundings.

    I actually now have two cat carriers permanently upstairs with "cat towels" in them for the very reason you mention...the sound of the carrier clinking up from the basement was enough to send the patient scurrying away under the bed. Admittedly the carriers aren't all that attractive (although one is so buried under books, it's barely visible *g*), but the cats love them as day nests where they feel very secure...and they're quite startled when one or the other gets popped into a carrier for a trip to the vet.

  3. I think Henry is a cutie. He must have a way with the ladies at the vet My cat Lucy doesn't seem to mind going but my old baby 'Bob' hated it and would moan all the way there, all the time in there and all the way home!

  4. Henry appreciates all your good thoughts.