Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

i was away and now i'm back

I went down to CT for a few days to help
Hannah move into her apartment.
We scrubbed, vacuumed and measured.
We shopped, hauled and lifted.
We sweated, hydrated and took breaks.
We cussed and tried to figure out how to cut a hole in her
stairway without anyone noticing.
(We didn't.)
A few evenings this week Batman and his toolbox
will be helping with furniture assembly.

I am happy that she has a cute little vintage 
firehouse on her block.
And that her neighbor downstairs has lived
there for years.
She can walk to the laundromat and one of the
funkiest, yummiest restaurants in the area.
Work is about a seven minute drive 
and she can get to our house in 17. 

Back in VT today,
I found a few ripe sungolds,
ready for lunch tomorrow.
The nasturtiums and marigolds are 
hitting their stride.
I have fabric from IKEA to sew into curtains 
for Hannah's place
and reading to catch up on.

And today is the last day of July.
(Thank goodness).
Time is flying!


  1. Gorgeous fabric. Be sure to post a photo when they're finished.I love making curtains - that is, I love it when the curtains are finished. My most recent curtain-making involved floor-length drapes for daughter's family-room, complete with triple-pleated pockets at the top: not so much fun those. And then happy-patterned drapes for new grand-daughter's bedroom. Those a real joy to behold every day.

  2. love the fabric...and happy apt to hannah! tqoe

  3. You're right, Karen - time IS flying by! How nice to help your daughter settle in to her new space (which sounds like it's in a wonderful location) and, making curtains - what a mom!!! I do love that fabric! How nice that you'll have her so close by when you're back to CT. Meanwhile, enjoy your days in Vermont.

  4. Lucky Hannah. Lucky mom.
    Good luck in your new place, Hannah.

  5. Neither my marigolds nor the nasturtiums are showing any sign of ever blooming this year. I'm just not sure what is going on with them.

    That is great fabric:)

  6. Love the oranges in this post! I've got sungolds in my garden, too. Love them. But I forgot to plant nasturtiums.

    That fabric is gorgeous and your new banner so sweet.

    Happy August!!

  7. oooh, I love that little still life with the nasturtium (a favorite of mine) and the sun golds (also favorite!). Made me very happy.