Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Thursday, January 10, 2013

a sunny thursday

Gretta does not start her residency until April, so we have her delightful company for a few months yet. She has been helping us with our many home rehab projects...painting closets, hauling boxes from the attic and heaving bags at the Goodwill drop-off. She's also been a help in the kitchen. This morning, she headed off for her first substitute teaching experience. I'm not sure who will have more fun, the pre-schoolers or Gretta! 

Gretta has also spent a good bit of time sitting at my Bernina. Yesterday she whipped up these pillows made of old flannel shirts. We like to recycle here at our house, and I'm glad these worked out so well. They match her quilt quite nicely, eh?

Because we all spent money on airfare to get to Oregon for Christmas, our family decided to embrace the simple gift of time together and let go of the obligation of tangible gifts. We did give a nod to Santa, though, by filling one another's stockings with all sorts of clever finds. I received a cuppow , and I must say that I love having a grown up sippy cup to grab and go. When the air both inside and outside is so dry, and when germs are lurking in closed up homes, I try to stay hydrated and this little gem makes it easier. A slice of lemon adds flavorful zest and some citrus antioxidant power.

Today I am celebrating the bright sunshine, bread baking in the kitchen and feeling purposeful.

What three things are you celebrating today?


  1. A morning spent at Ewetopia with my spinners and knitwhits group, an upcoming visit with my family, going to the local quilt shop for their annual winter sale.
    Love the idea of drinking from a canning jar. Checking the Cuppow website I see they are sold in a shop right here in town! Guess I'll go looking for one of those today, also. Thanks.If you feel a little warming sensation throughout your body today, that's just me raising a mason jar to your health.

  2. Celebrating today: friends, sunshine, cats.

  3. Hi Karen, I am celebrating getting to the end of the first week back at work. I am so glad it is Friday and I have two days to relax and recharge. I hate the dark mornings and evenings when I see little of the day but at the weekend I might get to see some sunshine...although there is snow forecast!

  4. Greatta's pillows look very cozy and pretty with her quilt! And what a nifty idea that cuppow is!
    Today I celebrated the warmer weather, a spanking clean and polished dining room table, and three hours with a good friend! A good day!

  5. A nice church service where the choir sang a Shaker Humility Song called Gentle Words. Trying a new recipe, ricotta//maple/apple pie. (I bet it will taste good but it's still in the oven smelling wonderful and tempting me.) James Taylor's October Road CD with an extra song, a duet with Mark Knoffler, Sailing To Philadelphia... so magical.
    Thanks for asking and sharing, especially your daughter's lovely crafts. Nice to hear from a proud mama. I'm one too.