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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

stitching on a tuesday

Noodlehead is a fun blog, filled with easy to follow tutorials. Last week, Gretta whipped up an open wide zippered pouch. She made it look so easy, this morning I decided to make one, too. Here's a link to Anna's wonderful tutorial, complete with photos.
You may recognize the crane fabric from another project. The pouch is lined and tabbed with an orange and white checkered fabric, leftover from a gypsy skirt I made for Gretta years ago.

Anna is one of those folks who puts good things out into the universe, just for fun. She is a gem.

Do you know the amazing artwork of Elsa Mora? I have been spending some time over at her blog, checking out this post...29 ways to stay creative. Really friends, she's a breath of fresh air in the middle of January. Check her out.

I enjoyed reading your comments last week. Thank you for sharing them.


  1. I love the fabric and I am so glad i also have the same!!!! Went over to noodlehead and I sure will make some pouches. They look very good.

  2. Thank you for sharing the two creative blogs mentioned in the post. The bag is pretty and so are many other pieces u post randomly. I love your innovative use of the left over fabric to create such beautiful things.

    Kudos :)