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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

across the miles and the years

Before Alzheimer's robbed my Dad of his brilliance,
he was a fine artist and craftsman.
He built this curio cabinet for our son Stewart years ago.
As a grade-school naturalist, Stewart filled it with his collections 
of rocks, bugs, shells and such.
Tucked safely away in the attic when Stewart left for college,
we just rediscovered it in our ongoing cleaning escapades.
We packed it up carefully and sent it across the country to
a now grown up Stewart in Oregon.

I wonder what will fill the shelves of this
cabinet in it's latest incarnation.

I like to think of a bit of my Dad
nestled into Stew and Dawn's new home 
far, far away.



  1. What beautiful work and what wonderful memories.

  2. A real treasure, made with love, which will be cherished forever, with the most dear and wonderful memories.


  3. oh it is gorgeous...and yes..I can imagine the stuff he had in there.....
    I would have loved to hae haad such a cabinet for my stuff growming up
    Nice that it is where it belongs

  4. It will find a special place in our house! Going through my boxes today was like opening a time capsule. I guess I have always been a collector, postcards are just the latest incarnation.

  5. Such beautiful work, your father was an artist!

  6. I've seen other beautiful examples of your dad's work at your mom's house, Karen. What a wonderful artist he was. So much talent in your family!

  7. That is a beautiful cabinet. It's so wonderful to have treasures like that to remind us of special people in our lives:)

  8. What a wonderful gift -- then and now.