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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

big plans

some of the CT house things have been moved into our VT house...

This little house that sits on our gorgeous property has sheltered us well these past seven years. We have "made do" with everything as is and have grown to love its shortcomings and quirks. Friends have forgone privacy as they slid their sleeping bags onto empty floorspace like sardines in a tin. Our single bathroom might be a real challenge if it weren't for the extra toilet, tucked behind a curtain in the utility room in the basement. The modest kitchen has produced bounteous and celebratory meals thanks to inspired teamwork in there. The total lack of cell phone service has been a blessing to nearly everyone who has yearned for a retreat from technology.

Part of me has grown to adore this rustic little place in ways I never dreamed of when we first saw it.

But Batman and I have plans for this place. 

Oh yes we do.

We are dreaming of a few private bedrooms tucked under some new eaves. We are dreaming of a hard working kitchen that will process the bounty of our gardens and have room for raucous kitchen dance parties. We are dreaming of a tiny library, snug and cozy on winter days. A screened porch would be nice and Batman covets a wee tower for his telescope. We need a steeper pitch on the roof to shed snow and a standing seam roof would be ever so nice.

Rehab will not start for a year or so. But in the meantime, we will take field trips to the salvage place in White River Junction. We will find local stone for countertops. We are thinking...simplest of trim, energy efficient everything, intentional choices through and through. We will be drawing, making lists, talking, planning and changing our minds over and over agin. 

And amidst all these changes, we want to keep the rustic and humble feel of the place intact.

We are thinking of starting a blog together. It would be a place to document the process. To get input from readers. To dream big and then get real.

What do you think, dear readers? Might you follow along?


  1. And so will I !!


  2. You have my full attention. I'll follow a blog that documents your process. I'm have memories of watching "This Old House," the Saturday morning PBS series that I watched for inspiration when I did an entire remake of my old house.

  3. I am thrilled you are there to stay, Karen. Each day, each endeavor you and Batman share, will be grace without measure. I'll be watching with great interest and joy.

  4. Sounds just like we are doing in maine. Congrats on your move! And I love a rehab blog!

  5. oh yes! I love vicarious planning and building and dreaming. I adore kitchen dance parties. lots of love and good karma for you and batman in your new home.

  6. It all sounds wonderful - I would love to follow your progress as you bring your dreams to reality!

  7. What delicious dreams and plans you have. I would love to follow along with all these projects. Hooray!

  8. Would love to follow your dreams with you - wherever you write about them!