Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

day after day

  • despite the great culling of the past few years, there is still much stuff to sort through as we combine our two households. i am looking at the process as an opportunity to curate our small living space here. gretta gave me this sweet birchy pot for my birthday last month and this fern works just right.
  • blossoms on one of the pear trees.
  • our favorite flag, waving out by the shed. 
  • the beds...filled this weekend with rich soil from vermont compost, paths mulched with wood chips. chard, kale, beet, carrot and greens seeds planted. 
When I go to the mailbox, I find a few pieces of forwarded mail. There is no longer a garage door opener on the visor of my car. The 180,000 mile service on my CRV here in VT was $100 less expensive than the quote was for the same work in CT. I have not been cut off, tailgated or honked at in days. 

Day after day, this new reality sinks in a bit more.

Wait til Friday. Batman and I are going somewhere we have dreamed of for years and years. You'll never guess...


  1. We planted two pear years ago, and I think that is my favorite of all flower smells. Love your comparisons with Connecticut.

  2. Will you need to share your vegetables with deer or other munchers?