Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Thursday, May 22, 2014

rainy afternoon ramblings

lilac ready to bloom,
low slung rain clouds.

  • drinking a pot of this tea. truly one of my all time faves.
  • reading this lovely story
  • poring over a favorite blogger's new book. even though i said "no more cookbooks". i think it may be dog eared by the end of the summer.
  • signing up for this fun swap. (there's still time!)
  • anticipating vermont open studio weekend.
  • still mulling over this story, about The Third Plate.
  • writing up a post card storm, having just reactivated my Postcrossing account.
how about you? any fun things to share this afternoon?


  1. Afraid not. Just completing the 10th of the 10 student assignments I set out to mark today (30 more to go over the next three days)! These are first-year university students who have set out this year on the four-year journey to a Bachelor of Education. We are at the end of first semester and I've seen some progress, which is good. Even so, my overwhelming reaction: Are university students less mature nowadays or were we not as 'old' as we felt as Freshmen? Most upsetting to me is how few pf these teacher-trainees read for pleasure.

  2. Last week, I picked up Masanobu Fukuoka's, Sowing Seeds in the Desert. His book is brilliant, with a very sensitive translation from his Japanese to English. I'm reading it in small segments, as if I were reading a daily meditation, even though it is not written in a daily meditation style.

    Today I am cleaning the house, preparing for a gathering of friends on Sunday. I wish I had Erin Gleeson's book, The Forest Feast, handy at the coffee table or kitchen countertop. I would love to use the book to inspire others to cook as well as make items from her book. For Sunday's gathering, I plan to make the SpicyHaroset and Zatar Flat Bread as an appetizer.

    Karen, you continue to inspire.

  3. I took my first ASL lesson this morning and am so excited to be brushing up on and expanding my sign language skills. The rest of the weekend is the big kung fu tournament.