Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Monday, July 27, 2015

positive energy

A dear friend sent me some very special snail mail. She lives far, far away and I miss her so much. Her note is propped on the desktop and it is a reminder of our deep friendship. (Never doubt the value of a card, a stamp and few kind words!)

The garden is coming on strong, the sewing continues, the punch list for the wedding gets daily updates, and I am making sure to meditate. (It is my sanctuary). Yesterday I was reminded that my dearest Batman is my even keel. He's another, special kind of sanctuary. 

When I feel challenged by all the busyness of life right now, I take a deep breath. I look out at the line of white birches, set against the green grass and blue sky and I exhale. Mother Nature is our wedding planner and she has been guiding us well. 

I look forward to sharing some wedding prep sneak peeks in the next few days. xo


  1. Lovely photos.
    I posted some snail mail today. It seems funny these days. Maybe we should all do it more.

  2. Great post, lovely pictures.
    Dutch post service doesn't encourage sending snail mail, since hundreds of post boxes have been removed from the public space and stamps are getting more expensive every year, but I keep sending hand written mail in an envelope, because that's what I call 'Mail' ...
    All the other 'mail' sent and received in fact is text, isn't it? Might be a bit old fashioned :>)
    Looking forward to the wedding prep sneak peeks.


  3. Oh. Wow. Beautiful photos.
    Keep doing what you're doing, my friend. It will be a memorable day and it will be lovely. You are a great mom! xo

  4. The beauty of these photos and your written words stirs my heart and brings me to tears.