Thursday, July 9, 2015

triptych 20

In mid May, we planted buckwheat. We planted it as a cover crop, and plan to have it plowed under this fall. We'll plant potatoes and squash and other storage veggies there next year. When I posted the top image on Instagram yesterday, my friend Natalya asked, "Are you going to harvest kasha?"

Her question sent me to our home library to pull this sweet book from the shelves (illustrated by one of my faves, Nikki McClure). Harvesting and processing the groats may take some work, but we may just try a small batch to see how it turns out. (Thanks Natalya, for the fabulous idea! If we actually pull it off, I'll send you some).

When I was down in the field taking pictures, I was delighted to find that some of the saved lupine seeds that I planted have sprouted. Now I really must go back out there and do some weeding to ensure their future success!

This morning we did indeed sign the contract and write the hefty deposit check. Our long awaited house renovation begins a week after the wedding! We will get our house rehab blog up and active again when all the excitement finally begins.