Saturday, July 11, 2015

triptych 21

The bride and groom are here for a visit, helping Batman (who needs a knee patch on his old jeans!) build a tent platform. We have a brand new canvas tent to sit in this gorgeous spot, creating another guest room for the houseful we're expecting for the wedding. That's a pretty sweet view, eh? 

And looky here, we finally have a muslin made of the wedding dress that fits! This week I will do some serious meditation, take a deep breath and cut into the pretty fabric we bought in NYC. 

The blueberries are ripening and the sky is hazy. I really am not a summer girl at all, but summer of 2015? So far, so good.

What have you been up to this weekend? Are you busy or relaxing or doing a little of each? xo


  1. The guests who stay with that view are really truly blessed!

  2. Looking forward to photos of the bride wearing her gown and of the wedding.
    And couldn't that tent serve as a lovely getaway for you should the renovation get to be too much??? Glamping for sure.
    Wonderful days of making memories...

  3. I made my daughter's wedding dress for her Celtic themed outdoor wedding on my old Singer and she was the most beautiful bride as your daughter will be also.

  4. So very exciting!! I agree with Sharon - maybe you could escape to the tent during renovations? In any case, sending good thoughts as you continue to prepare for such happy events! xo