inhale...exhale...relax your shoulders...repeat as often as needed

Thursday, April 14, 2011

etsy launch/55th birthday bash/giveaway

evolution of a project:
did you read this page about my new studio?
remember this post about confluence?
and this one about a box filled with fun, too?

each year, on my birthday, i set aside some time to look both backwards and forwards. i like to review the past year and take stock of where i've been. i also like to look forward to create new intentions for my life.

one of the things i wanted to do in my 54th year was open an etsy shop. well, today i am officially launching my brand spankin' new shop. it's still a bit rough around the edges, but i knew if i waited for it to be perfect, it might never happen. i'll be adding to it bit by bit. (i have LOTS of ideas).

many thanks to my friends, dearest family and a few of you out there for encouraging me and supporting me while i gathered up the courage to give this a try.

pop on over to the shop, then leave a comment here, or send me an e-mail. i'll choose a name at random and send the winner a pack of "sew and sow life" notecards. comments will close at noon on sunday.

i'm up for constructive comments and criticisms about the shop, so let me know what you think. i'm always lookin' to improve, ok?

batman is taking the day off, and we will go on an adventure later today. xo


  1. yay for adventures! happy birthday mom! xoxo Han

  2. happy happy birthday to you, dear friend who lives too far away! i miss you and i love you. i hope you and batman have a spectacular adventure today. be a little naughty, will ya?!

  3. Happy Birthday!!! And many more beautiful days like today.

  4. Happy Birthday, Karen!!
    Constructive comments? - keep constructing! Your work is beautiful and I have seen your notecards in person and they are gorgeous!!
    Every item you show is made with careful love and handcrafted artistry.
    Here's wishing you a wonderful launch and great success!

  5. Happy Birthday Karen and the shop looks great, well done and I hope it is a great success!!

  6. Happy Birthday, Karen!
    I've been reading -- and inspired -- by your blog for a little over a year now, and now your Etsy shop is one more source of inspiration for me both spiritually and as a quilter. I am deeply grateful.
    Constructive comments? Just keep doing what you are already doing so beautifully.

  7. Happy Birthday Karen! I'm excited about your shop; I think you'll do very well:) I can't wait to hear about the adventure!

  8. Swell shop Karen

    We still have the little pillow you made for Garrett from the polka dotted material that were his curtains - still have the curtains too though they've been swapped out for something a little more manly. :)

    Love to see your work.

  9. Happy birthday dearest Karen! We love you! Dolo and Robin

  10. karen, happy, happy bday! thinking of you today and all the joy, wisdom and laughter you've brought into my world...royalty on the edge wouldn't be the same without you...i love the shop...but then i love all your amazing artistic from the heart can't be beat...have fun with batman...xo tqoe

  11. Happy Birthday - Birthday Girl.

    I've already made my first purchase at your shop, one of many I'm sure.

    I just love adventures and I love you. Liz

  12. Happy speed limit birthday, Karen! Your shop is LOVELY. Feels just like you, and hence thoughtful, intentional, creative, and simply evocative. I'm so glad you found a way to include your beautiful photography. Is there a way to know whenever you add things? I'm an etsy newbie, but I'd love to know when new things arrive in your shop. Bon chance on your new venture!

  13. The shop is lovely - congratulations!

  14. Happy Belated Birthday, Karen!
    Your shop is wonderful and exciting! Congratulations upon meeting your goal...what a great accomplishment! Hope it is rewarding in many ways!

  15. Many kudos for all of your gifts to yourself, your studio, your Etsy shop, your beautiful blog, your lovely art. Happy birthday too! I hope you don't mind my adding a link to you on my blog. Thank you Judy for steering me to Karen. And thank you Karen for bringing beauty to my life.

  16. Happy Birthday and congrats on the shop!! I think it looks lovely!

  17. Congratulations of the shop Karen, it looks awesome and I see you've already had 3 sales! Whoo-hoo!