Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Saturday, December 4, 2010


amaryllis bulb
the miracle of growth from a simple bulb 
has always fascinated me,
and has become a visual reminder of 
paper white narcissus
...especially in the longest and darkest days of the year.
 this christmas cactus,
(sprouted from a cutting from my
grandmother's plant)
just keeps growing and growing.
 these plants rest all year long,
getting ready to bloom on the windowsill
 in the thin, fleeting sunshine of december...
...and remind us that this cold, frozen world, is no match for
the power of life and love and hope.

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The winner of the PEACE tea towel is Suz. (Please send me your snail mail address via my email address on the sidebar here.) I loved reading your comments and e-mails. You are such a sweet, clever bunch of readers! I have lots more giveaways ready, so do not dismay if you didn't win today! 


  1. What a beautiful post, Karen. Your Christmas cactus is incredible!
    Congratulations to Suz!!

  2. I thought the first Christmas cactus photo was up side down!
    lovely post

  3. I love amarylis and glad to have found your blog. I also love the cactus.

  4. Oh Reed, your photos make me smile - they are gorgeous!
    I'm under my blanket by a warm fire and I'm thinking about the power of life and love and hope. You are one smart girl!

  5. Okay, I'll ask. What's up with the lines of asterisks? Braille? Morse code? Connect-the-dots-to-see-the-picture?

  6. Melanie, the asterisks simply separate the "holiday magic" topic from other stuff. But I like all of your wonderings!

  7. Your Christmas cactus is gorgeous! Mine is so confused. I try to follow the proper watering and dormancy plan, but it still insists on blooming on Valentine's Day, 4th of July, Halloween. This year it made it all the way to Thanksgiving!

  8. Your Christmas cactus looks fantastic! Mine is sort of stunted but it's blooming its head off. My grandmother used to have one, grew on her unheated enclosed back porch and each year around this time was covered with hundreds of blooms.

  9. Marm my Christmas cactus buds opened beautifully! Thanks for the hand-me-down cutting! xo L