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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

HOLIDAY MAGIC...treasures

some of my holiday treasures are 
humble kitchen linens.
some are simple candle holders, 
waiting in the late afternoon light.
and some are precious pages in a book my mumsie
made for our young children in 1989.
each of our stockings, drawn in exact detail
(before gretta was born!)
including our kitties,
davey and chet.
lindsey, sleeping on her back, as usual,
with eyeglasses on the night stand.

stewart and hannah each have their own page.
when gretta arrived a few years later, my mumsie added
a page at the end that included her as well.

 do you unpack treasures during the holiday season?
a cherished menorah?
a nativity scene?
a papier mache sunburst for the solstice?

or do you create new treasures each year?

do tell!


  1. Gorgeous illustrations--what talent! And such a precious treasure. I had a box of ornaments my great-grandmother had made for me as a child, Christmas-colored hearts and things. My mom thinks they were lost in the partial house fire a decade ago (but can't recall their remains, if there were any). But the ornaments reappear in my memory every holiday season, as important as if I still had them. And I have my stocking by my great grandmother in the same kind of applique work, which I treasure even more.

  2. What a special book with all the personalized illustrations. We have holiday decorations that we display from Thanksgiving to New Year and add to each year. Some of the kid's favorites have been passed down so they can begin their own families traditions.

  3. Oh how wonderful that book
    what a treasure
    and what a talent

  4. Those illustrations are wonderful. THAT is a true treasure. I can see where your artistic flair comes from! XO

  5. What an incredibly special book your Mom made.Wow!

    I tend to reuse the same decorations, which are minimal but they are favorites. I like the tradition of it I suppose.

  6. The book is a wonderful treasure! What an artist your Mumsie is! One of my favorite things about unpacking the holiday treasures is finding things I had forgotten I had. I especially treasure the ornaments from when my kids were small. They bring back such sweet memories:)

  7. I have so many ornaments, given and made by my own dear mother.
    And, of course, ones made by our dear Kate throughout the years and by me!
    The book by your mom is so, so special. I'm sure your children and grandchildren will treasure it forever!

  8. What a clever mumsie. That apple sure doesn't fall far...

  9. What a sweet and lovely book your Mumsie made...very talented lady and i can see where your artistic gifts come from!