Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Monday, December 13, 2010


batman and gretta made this beautiful wreath on friday
and hung it on the shed at our "bit of earth".
we cooked pots of chili, lentil soup and 
baked tree shaped sugar cookies, too.
on saturday, we hosted our fourth annual
"friends and family" day,
inviting folks to cut their own tree and take it home.
on sunday, we woke to snow in the air, and our driveway 
was full of good cheer and fun conversation while we hosted
our second annual fundraiser for the vermont land trust.
here's a picture of one of the biggest tree that left the property!
we thank everyone who came by and made a donation...
we had a 57% increase in donations this year!

this morning, gretta and i drove back to CT with a few more trees
in the back of the truck and did a few 

stealth deliveries!

(we call ourselves the balsam elves. 
we may be tall, but we're full of mischief!)

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The winner of the balsam sachet is Jamie U!
Please send me your snail mail address Jamie
(my email address is in the sidebar to the right).

Don't fret if you didn't win this time around...
there will be a few more giveaways soon!


  1. Karen, I recieved my package in the mail this afternoon....oh thankyou for such a wonderful towel...peace...yes peace
    I will soon take a photo of it and post it on my blog
    where you can see its final destination..until my little Finn gets it dirty with pasta sauce
    thank you again I treasure it
    I went over to the vt trust site..wonderful work saving land....we do the same for Galena Illinois....

  2. Lots of great stuff going on your way I can see. I love that you made some stealth tree deliveries. And I'm absolutely smitten by the peace sign wreath, way too cool!

  3. I always enjoyed searching for the perfect Christmas tree and decorating it with the kids. Of course, it seemed we always had 'extras' of the kid's friends who just happened to stop by because they knew we were decorating the house. So much fun!

  4. I think it's so great that you make sneaky tree deliveries! The recipients must be so pleased!

  5. Sounds like a wonderful weekend, Karen! That's a great thing you do for the Vermont Land Trust! It all looks very festive!

  6. I hope the elves aren't tired of making sugar cookies, because the kitchen will need to be pumping again late next week!!! : )