Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Thursday, December 16, 2010

HOLIDAY and giveaway #4

a small pillow...
stitched from soft flannel and snowflakes appliques...
closed with a repurposed shirt.

Inspired by Anne Lamott's words
(which I LOVE)...

"Rest and laughter are the most spiritual
and subversive acts of all.
Laugh, rest, slow down."

Leave a comment or send an email
if you'd like a chance to have this pillow
for your own little rest.
(closes at midnight on Sunday,
winner announced Monday morning).


  1. What a wonderful quote and such a sweet pillow!
    Please include me as someone who would love to snuggle up with it. Looks very inviting!! :))

  2. Am I allowed to enter the giveaways, or is that nepotism? I really love this.
    xoxo Han

  3. i really love it, too (and it's not even red!!!) please enter me...yes, hannah, it's nepotism...the queen of everything

  4. i would like to enter the giveaway too, if i'm allowed. that pillow would look great on my futon and coordinate with my denim throw blanket.


  5. I LOVE the pillow. Still read your blog but I a 'silent' reader

  6. What a wonderful giveaway, I love to take cat naps and that would be perfect!

  7. laughing at your family members competing for the pillow too *g*. I think it's a beautiful pillow but am afraid that here it would get covered with cat fur (the lovely one you made for me hides the fur quite well because of the multicolored prints!).

  8. uh...stewart...did you not notice the note to hannah re nepotism...i'm watchin' you reed kids...tqoe