Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Monday, December 19, 2011

late afternoon at our "bit of earth"

as the mid-afternoon light became thinner and grayer,
i bundled up and took a walk on the road.
the wind picked up and howled so, that my eyes teared
and my ears got cold.
i spotted this nest, abandoned for now,
and wondered how far south its maker has flown.
this beautiful fungus caught my eye
and as i took the picture, 
the clump of trees creaked against one another
in the wind.
hannah and gretta, my two lumberjills, are out 
splitting wood for the stove.
i've just freshened up the table for our supper.
i'm feeling a bit like we live in 
(remember when mr. edwards brought oranges for
laura and mary's christmas stockings?)


  1. Oh Karen, I could do with flying south! It is dull, grey and wet here, no snow for Christmas this year

  2. don't you just love seeing the nests that were there right under your wintertime...and Ha! love the decorations....ribbon or yarn or cellophane...or left over cigarette packaging...I have seen it all....this year I was happy to find a wee nest
    I love how described the trees moving and making a is your table..lumberjills...hee hee
    and swedish daughter loves them too
    and pancakes of course
    may you always have a table set with love and may your loved ones always have a chair around it....Merry Christmas Karen ...and thank you for your kindness when my hubby gave us all a great scare

  3. I especially delighted in seeing the blue ribbon in the nest. When I cut Jerome's hair, I always toss it out into the garden hoping the birds will use it.
    Live in each moment, Karen. So precious...

  4. I do remember those Christmas oranges! This sounds wonderful, Karen, have a wonderful holiday!

  5. The fungus looks like seashells on the tree:)