Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

can you feel it?

the shortest days of the year...
the darkness nipping at our heels in the mid afternoon...
the energy dip...
the pull of the hibernating cave on our mammal hearts...
the craving for comfort food...
the twinge of sadness that haunts this festive season...

just another few days and we will turn the corner
and swing back into the hope and promise of 
light and love and renewal.

in the meantime,
let us move gently and tenderly in this world.
 (the greatest gift of all?) 


  1. Oh yes that twinge of sadness has me bad. I am doing my best to breathe through it, knowing that the light will be returning soon:)

  2. Parallel thoughts, parallel hopes. I add my small but steady flame to yours.

  3. A beautiful post and a beautiful photo. We're lighting candles here, banishing the dark with stories and songs - of a child's birth and other marvels. And waiting for the year to turn and the beautiful, strangely purplish-grey skies of winter in Paris to arrive.

  4. Oh I feel it - tired, depressed, irritable, unable to get out of bed in the morning and unable to fall asleep at night! Finding a bit of solace in wearing the essential oil of geranium/rose and drinking lots of tea with infused honey but I think some Vitamin D is in order!

  5. Yes, I always want to hibernate this time of year. It's weird this year, though. I've been waking up extra early with the dogs and staying up extra late with my job so it's been the anti-hibernation season.

    Hard to believe that the days will be getting longer so soon.

    Wishing you much gentleness and tenderness.