Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

some handmade holiday gifts

grocery totes
a yoga mat tote bag,
made with fabric purchased at nido .
lined with an old marimekko  bed sheet
(many thanks to stew and dawn, my greenie repurposers).
i used an extra long zipper.
{and used my own tote as a prototype...
measured and sketched out a pattern from it.}
a set of babushka napkins.

i also made some coffee cup sleeves,
but forgot to take pictures of them
before i sent them off. 
a gingko zippy tote.
and another dala horse zippy tote.
a chunky mohair cowl,
gifted along with a pair of turquoise, 
handknit muttons.

now that they have been opened, 
i am happy to show you some of the fun and simple gifts 
i've been sewing and knitting.

it's been snowing off and on again here on the hill.
so pretty.

have you recovered from the seasonal festivities?


  1. I'm still celebrating here in California, Karen! 18 family members together!
    Your work is so lovely, simple and pure. I love your sense of design and it seems that everything you make carries a beautiful thoughtfulness. Thanks for sharing.

  2. So glad you found me at soulemama. Comments always lead me to such beautiful places. Your sewing is wonderful. The fabrics are so beautiful. I love those guitars! I'll be checking back and checking your archives.

  3. Again harmony in your work.... LOve that dale horse fabric, where did you find it?????

  4. both the lovely green gingko leaves and the dala horses are bits of woven ribbon. i got them at a local, independent fabric store. i believe they are manufactured in europe, so you might be able to find them, baukje!

  5. Beautiful handmades! That gingko fabric is just lovely. :)