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Monday, December 26, 2011

girls' day out

Lindsey, Gretta and I went over to Fat Toad Farm today, to hang out with the goats and do a bit of shopping at the farm store. Gretta and I had never been, so we were pretty psyched.
All the sweeties perked up when they heard us come into the barn, and they were super friendly and attentive. They had great names like Willow, Patty, Scarlet, Bumble and Oreo. At least forty of them are expecting kids in March, so we may go back over early in the spring. It would be fun to go for a walk in the woods with the girlies, too. We bought some goat's milk caramel and some "olive lovers' chevre", which we will be enjoying this evening.
Do you think Gretta looks like she is smitten? She wants to be an organic farmer and goatherd when she grows up. We made her get back in the car without a goat or two hidden behind her back.
Then we zoomed up to Burlington and did a bit of fabric shopping at Nido. They are one of the few shops in the US that stock Ink and Spindle fabrics, so, of course we had to get a picture of Gretta with the display. I bought a little bundle of 7 different fabrics from Lotta Jansdotter's ECHO line, for fresh New Year's projects.

Check back tomorrow if you'd like to see pictures of some of this year's  handmade gifts.

Did you have a fab weekend?


  1. What fun! I love goats, too. And pretty fabric. The two together sound like the perfect day!

  2. Gretta is amazing....I hope she becomes all that she dreams of....and I would of let her have at least one harm?
    delightful day you all had

  3. Thanks Suz! If only! (I think dad is the one we have to work on though... yesterday made mom lean towards my side of things)

  4. You could give her a Heifer goat in the meantime. . .