Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Monday, July 2, 2012

wandering back to sew and sow life...

Lake Michigan meets the summer sky.

Did you know that Batman grew up in Latin America? Ecuador and Venezuela. His parents built a sweet summer house in Michigan, so that their kids would have a place to call home in the States. Batman and his siblings spent their summers playing on the beach and in the woods up there with cousins and neighbors, year after year. When we lived in Chicagoland, (and our kids were little), we were able to visit every summer, too. When our now grown and far flung family was planning a reunion, "La Casa Grande" was the perfect choice!

All four kids and our daughter-in-law gathered with us for a week and this is how we spent our time...

 hugging--talking all at once--Father's Day--cooking--holding hands around the table--eating--drinking--cleaning up--taking turns--the arrival of Abi Tim and Barbara--a trip to Gwen Frostic's--A&W root beer floats (multiple times)--fishing off the dock--fishing in the canoe--walks to the big beach (gazillion times)--napping--swimming out to the wreck of the Minihaha--chatting on the gazebo--cheap fireworks and s'mores--an epic trip to Sleeping Bear Dunes--sisters singing, a guitar and ukelele--a trip to the casino (for the die hards)--a round of mini golf--more walks on the big beach--iced lattes in Manistee--donuts in Frankfort--a "family chat"--kayaking--much picture taking--paddling past the resident bald eagle as he ate his supper--more talking, talking, talking--reading on the deck--Hunger Games fever--card playing--catching up with the aunties next door at the "Ant Hill"--a fun visit from cousin Tim--sand in our sheets at night--wild thunder storms--staying up late--going to bed early--Abi Joan's strawberry pie--geranium planting--white sangria--catching a "lunker"--childhood memories revisited.

Did I miss anything, guys? (Miss you already). xo


  1. all of that?!
    wow sounds good

  2. Sounds like great fun. And, yes, we were in the same neck of the woods. So beautiful up there.

    Glad you had a wonderful time!!

  3. Memory making rendezvous. I vacationed in Manistee many times as a kid. 100 stairs going down to the beach from the camp sites. Best sunsets imaginable. Cherry ice cream to die for. Great waves for swimming.
    Lovely that all your children were there with you. Happy days. Lucky you.