Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Friday, July 13, 2012

melting again

We will have a houseful this weekend, and I wanted something pretty for a centerpiece. While I was out doing errands this afternoon, I drove over to Liberty Farm. They have a farm stand with an adjacent pick your own flower garden.  I could not resist the zinnias and bachelor buttons...the black-eyed-susan are from our meadow. I smile every time I walk past them. A simple summer pleasure.
The temperature is rising up here in Vermont, and there has not been rain for ages. This is great haying weather for the farmers, but hope for another cutting later in the summer wanes as the skies stay hazy. Every few days I water our own humble little garden. I water sparingly early in the morning and hope that our well does not protest!
 Even in the evening, you can see the heat and humidity hanging over the side yard (or maybe that's bugs!)

Dear readers, thank you so much for sharing your summer book ideas the other day! I've made note of them and will keep them in mind for the future. Take a peek to see what I'm reading this week
I have no idea why Henry seeks out the direct sunshine in the middle of the day. We are very different creatures, he and I.
This is his favorite late afternoon spot, which we vie for in the winter months, but not in July, thank you very much.
Henry's buddy Javier, who is visiting us in VT for a week has more sense and enjoys napping downstairs where it is much cooler. 

I have set up my sewing machine, but have yet to start a project. I guess I should do that early in the morning, too, before my ambition wilts in the heat.

Sending all of you best wishes for a weekend full of whatever you are hoping for...


  1. Enjoy your weekend!
    Here it's showers and cats and dogs all over, has been so for days already. Summer? Early Fall!



  2. I wish I could send you some of this endless rain we are having in the UK to cool you down...and can we please have a little of your sun?
    Those flowers will brighten up anyones day!

  3. You are missing incredible storms raging through Fairfield tonight--dramatic, bright, and loud thunder and lightning show!