Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Monday, July 23, 2012

regaining perspective

reading, taking walks, chickens, slowing down, silence,
immersing oneself in projects, counting blessings, prayer,
lounging in a hammock, and children...hugging them, playing with them.

i knew i could count on you, dear readers.
sometimes i need reminding, and i thank-you for this.
i finished reading rehearsing with gods last week
and i recommend it to you.
the essays are both thought-provoking and affirming
and the black and white photos of puppets 
are deeply spiritual and haunting and joyous,
all at the same time.

the last section of the book is on hope.

peter schumann, the genius behind
bread and puppet theatre called
ernst bloch's the principle of hope
"the most important book ever written".

from rehearsing with gods...
"And so we are deeply imbedded with hope, 
hope that fills a fruitful gap between 
the structure of the world
and human consciousness, hope that leads us to
search out and develop the possibilities of the universe".

Now that's something to work on!


  1. We are all thinking of American family and friends and yes, hope is more powerful than evil. But it is sorely tried at times.

  2. Hope, Joy, love, the antidote to evil and ugliness. Sometimes it's hard not to be overwhelmed, but we do have the choice of hope and the choice of what to set our focus towards.