Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Friday, July 6, 2012

this is my favorite flag,
it does not exclude, or leave anyone out.

i had mended the old one until it frayed and faded into oblivion.
last week i ordered a new one, had it shipped to our vermont address
and found it waiting in the breezeway when i arrived this afternoon.

i set henry free from his travel carrier, unpacked the car, 
put the contents of the cooler in the fridge,
turned on the water and hung the new flag with a sense of anticipation.

i am here.
breathing deeply and anticipating a summer of possibilities.
how about you?


  1. Good to see you settled in VT for a while.
    I'm in love with your flag and think I'll have to order one for our ridge meadow farm. I've always wanted a flag to fly but I'm not quite comfortable with any with political overtones. I had thought of a quilt block, but we're having one commissioned, painted on wood, to hang on the potting shed since we don't have a barn for it. The Earth from space flag couldn't be more perfect as I am striving daily to be the best possible steward of my own bit of earth and if I need a reminder all I need do is look up.
    Breathe deeply daily and let your whole being expand. Life is good.

  2. We fly that flag at UCH as a recognition of our green sanctuary certification. Nice to see its twin flying free in Vt!