Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


One's childrens' birthdays can be so poignant. I had so many "ah ha" moments yesterday that I'm on a whole new path! 

I have followed Crazy Mom Quilts blog for months now, and Amandajean has a really fun project going on.  I have decided to join her, although informally. I love the idea of using up small scraps from other projects. As I started to rummage through baskets, I rediscovered lots of sweet fabric I had used years ago for dolly clothes and little girl dresses and baby quilts, teen skirts and going off to college quilts. I realized that I have an archive of my family's growing up in my fabric stash.

So, I think as I embark on my next chapter, I am going to sew an epilogue to this chapter I am just finishing up. How cool is that?

And I realized that the "hands" project is part of my transitioning, too. Eventually, you'll see why.

I am in the midst of one of those times when I recognize magic in everyday life and it energizes me and centers me and reassures me, all at once. 
And this project is coming off the needles any day now. (Stashed in a Franmade basket). I will post about it soon. It's been a good project too.

Isn't it remarkable that fiber can be so infused with spirit? 


  1. Yes, yes! I'm inspired by your enthusiasm, Karen.
    See, you are spreading your magic!

  2. that is very cool that you are using fabric from your "family archives". it will be a very special quilt when it is finished. i'm glad that you are joining in!

  3. I love reading your many thoughts about transitioning your life and the creative impulses it inspires. I'm taking empty nest notes - I'll keep reading:)