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Sunday, April 12, 2009

from VT to CT on Easter Sunday

It turns out that our neighbor horses have been leading a double life. Living the life of fenced in horses by day and wanderers of the neighborhood by night! This morning, we saw them being led back up the road  by their owner/our neighbor Gene. Hope he figures out how to keep them in one place...because Gretta planted spinach and lettuce this morning.
It was 27 degrees and snowy on Braintree Hill today, but that did not stop Gretta and her Papa from working hard!
Six of our sixteen acres are filled with balsam trees. Peter has ordered 100 Frazier fir seedlings to be delivered in May. He and Gretta were digging holes for these seedlings today. Peter said it reminded him of the kids' book Holes. I think they were fueled by chocolate bunnies and jelly bean eggs...
Peter and Gretta also hauled the pruned apple branches over to the brush pile.  
I stayed inside, quilting and knitting and listening to VPR. Also did a deep clean of the place, necessary every once in a while.

And...we saw a beautiful red fox trotting up the hill, across the lawn, and on up the road. Maybe he was going to visit the horses?

We closed up the place and headed south. By the time we got to the MA/CT border, we realized the forsythia was blooming, the maple buds were red, the willows had yellowed up and the temperature had gone up 25 degrees.  A few hours of driving really makes a difference!

My blogging "dashboard" tells me that this is my 99th posting! I cannot believe it! I have a fun Vermont themed give-away planned for tomorrow. Be sure to check back!


  1. The snow looks beautiful falling among the birches, but i'm sure you've had more than enough of snow already. Are you planting trees for a Christmas tree farm, or to re-forest the land? My favorite organic farmer Jim Mello has Christmas trees in one season and lovely veggies and shiitake mushrooms in the other season

    Do you know anybody with pet rabbits? they love chewing on apple twigs...i've sent my sister some of my tree trimmings for her bunny.

    Congrats on your approaching blogoversary!

  2. We bought the property from a man who planted all those trees. He had a "hobby" selling trees and making wreaths. Some have grown way too big to sell, so I guess those are re-foresting. But we hope to continue the plantation, and Peter wants to add a variety or two, just for diversification. But I am a loyal balsam girl myself! Thanks for the link and the bunny gnawing idea!

  3. I love the way you captured the snowflakes in your photos...Hmmm, I think I've had enough snow though and it is nice to be in Conn. with more signs of spring than winter! Your Vermont property looks wonderful and I hope the neighboring horses learn to stay in their yard!