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Monday, November 9, 2009

AEDM:day nine

"sashiko cherry blossom pillow"
started in may.
finished today (which felt a little bit like may here in ct!)
it's mate can be seen here.
recycled blouse for the back.
this art every day month sure is a motivator.
will try more "art" this week.
interesting teetering between art and craft....
any thoughts?


  1. Love the pillow. My take on art vs. craft is that if I can do it--it is a craft. If it is really creative and wonderful and I can't do it--it is art. I say this with a smile and chuckle, but that is really how I tend to feel. Some things seem to take true talent like watercolors, throwing pots, sculpture...things that can't seem to be taught, but come naturally. Crafts to me are something that can made be more easily through following step by step instructions and usually end up with a successful product. I know what I mean, but it may not be coming across correctly.
    But does it really matter whether it is art or craft if it touches someone and has meaning to them whether it be the creator or the viewer.?

  2. Wow, what an amazing creation. I love your "sashiko cherry blossom pillow." It's so pretty and I like your recyled blouse for the back, matches well with the green on the cherry blossom. :) I'm wondering whether I can embroid something in under two weeks for a friends 60th Birthday, after just seeing that you started yours in May!

  3. Karen,
    You are certainly being very creative, well done, good job it's for only 1 month as you will be exhausted by Christmas!

  4. Oh my, Karen, I love this!! So very pretty! Beautiful work!
    Art or Craft: always a question! I think they weave in and out, overlap and are really determined by the eye of the beholder!
    I love this quote by St. Francis Of Assisi:
    He who works with his hands is a laborer:
    He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman:
    He who works with his hands, his head and his heart is an artist."

  5. Love the pillow and the mate to it...the recycled clothes are very intriguing.

  6. Interesting ideas about art vs. craft. In my Hum 101 class we always started with a discussion of what art is - and found endless interpretations and opinions. J.S. Bach, for example, thought of himself as a craftsman though today he is admired as an artistic genius. Love the Assisi quote! In my life, originality is involved in the creation of art. I see craft more as re-creating another's vision of something.

  7. I wonder about this question a lot. It seems that traditionally needlework and fiber type things get relegated to the status of craft, but when I look at your quilts and embroidery it is most definitely art!

  8. Lovely!

    As for art or craft -- hmmmm. I tend to agree with Debbi: Art= an original expression of something you need to say in whatever means best expresses it; craft = your production of someone else's idea.

  9. Lovely! It shows up so much better when you click on the photo to enlarge it. Very nice.

  10. I'm not sure if it matters what we call it. It's a very hard line to draw, especially when people have such different ideas of the two words to begin with. All I know is ... I would love to have that pillow in my house!! So lovely and delicate and with such yummy colors and brilliant reuses of materials. That, to me, is art :) Congratulations!

  11. Wow - very nice! I love the design and embroidery!

  12. Hi Karen, Wonderful design! I particularly like the partial blossom to the upper right; it adds a little surprise and fun to the design. I love needlework.

  13. Lovely design, soft soothing says art to me.

  14. Wowza! What wonderful comments from everyone! I am so grateful for your input.

  15. Often, Craft is defined as something that has a function - a bed covering, a teapot, a table, while Art isn't functional. By this definition, Craft is/can be original and just as intentional as Art.

    I don't think that one precludes the other necessarily and think both can exist in the same piece.