Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Monday, November 2, 2009

AEDM:day two

"in a pinch"
 papers that originally wrapped soap, origami paper scrap, 
beech seed pod, wooden beads, thread and 
handcrafted paper

i have a very full day ahead, and realized 
that the only time i could work on
today's AEDM project was early this AM.

with a mug of tea in hand, i pulled out my paper box and
shuffled through it for inspiration.
i pulled out a few items and played with placement.
then i ironed the paper flat and was 
delighted by the scent of sandalwood that rose from the iron!
a seed pod from my found objects collection, a few beads, 
and it was done. 

i am so glad i made time to do this.
it was spontaneous and fun.
and the quickness freed me from over thinking.
(and not my usual colors, either).



  1. oh i just love it, fantastic colors. i need to make a card. yours is divine.

  2. so glad you were rewarded with sandlewood - what fun!

  3. you all are too kind. (thanks).

    it was such fun to see what happened when i "slapped something together"!

    lesson learned, relax.

  4. I know that sandalwood soap! how nice to unexpectedly have another sense come into the creation process! (also, how validating for me, because i saved the wrappers from some lovely French soaps that my friend Jane gave me at Christmas last year...and your fabulous collage is a great spontaneous, have fun, don't keep waiting for "the right time to think about this and then maybe do something.")