Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Thursday, November 12, 2009

AEDM:day twelve

blue jay feather, birch bark, rayon thread, handmade paper.

i've been working on my solstice wall hanging this morning
and am still struggling a bit with this whole project.
so, i took a break and went back to my "found objects"
and put this together is about 10 minutes.
not much thinking, just going with the spirit.
i was in northampton, massachusetts yesterday.
found this lovely paper (reminds me of birches) and made another
also found just what i was looking for.
organically grown cotton yarn.
for homemade holiday gifties (shhhh).
and, ahem, something gorgeous, that was NOT on the shopping list.

if you've been blog touring, can't you just feel the creative energy out there?


also, please check out the charter for compassion.

it is amazing.

i had heard about it before, but stumbled upon it at amanda's blog today.


  1. Dear Karen,
    So much to respond to -
    The Charter for Compassion IS amazing - I plan to return to it again and again. And, yes, I do feel the energy in so many thoughtful and creative blogs!!
    Your post yesterday (Flanders) was very, very moving, and I love your found objects collage. I think you have a real gift for these quick, insightful pieces.
    Your newest slipcase is wonderful. Did you use a different kind of paper? This one looks very smooth and the decorative accent paper is so elegant.
    As far as the yarns go, not being a Knitter, I can only admire the gorgeous color and texture!!

  2. Karen, You are rockin' and rollin' these days. My eye instantly saw a weathering mesa in the birch bark, then the animal spirit hovering above. Not sure what inner guru you're channeling, but it's sure fun to watch!

  3. I hope you had a nice afternoon in Northampton. I wish I would have had the day off - if felt like everyone else in the world did! Did you find that paper at Essentials?

  4. I can feel the creative energy. It's exhilarating!

    Love what you've done with the secret slipcase and the beautiful found object piece.

    and that last bit of yarn? yum! i don't even knit and i think it looks delicious!

  5. Love your "exhaling" project. The birch bark reminds me of a mountain range.

  6. wrote about so many things i love...the winter solstice, exhaling, organic yarn, birches, compassion....and YES, i feel the creative energy all around me. the FLOW is unbelievable right now.

  7. I love all these things that you are doing for AEDM. They feel like space to breathe.

    That top piece, with the birch bark and the feather reminds me of the new york city skyline seen from Brooklyn. I know that's probably not what you meant, but that's what it looks like to me.

  8. ah, m., you are so right, the paper came from essentials! and we will just have to try to get together next time i'm up that way...

    yes, judy, the paper is MUCH easier to work with than the paper i used at my mom's.

    thanks all, for your continuing support and encouragement. i appreciate it.

  9. I love that you incorporated the feather (bird lover) and is that birch bark? Thank you for sharing this!!!