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Friday, January 27, 2012

checking in on accountability projects...

finished by Friday.
I used a softly draping pillow ticking fabric for the skirt.
And I pulled this lovely Japanese indigo out of my fabric stash
to use for the bodice. A gift from my dear friend Dolo, and her 
friend Alice, I had been waiting to find a special project to use this for.
This calligraphy symbolizes autumn,
and it is sweetly done in carrot and acorns.
I am not sure that I would recommend this pattern for a beginner,
because the instructions include very little English,
but a more experienced seamstress can "make do" with the 
cute illustrations.
The pattern is also way too skinny for the likes of my 6' 1/2" frame,
and since it is put on over the head,
a bit more leeway would be quite necessary for me.

I do love the simplicity of this look
and have tucked the apron away for gifting.

(sorry about the quality of the photos today,
it is very gloomy here in CT.) about you?
If you jumped into the accountability pool
with me, have you finished your project yet?
If you have a blog, I invite you to include a link
to your accomplishment!


  1. Okay, well, confession: my letters are not done yet. BUT I have had the unexpected opportunity to engage with a few other people, who I haven't talked to in a long while, both on the phone and face to face this week, which only partially accounts for the lack of task completion but which was immensely satisfying. The kids have kung fu today and so I have an extra two hours to do the letters which means there's hope yet!

    Love the bunny in the moon! I hadn't realized until recently that the Hare in the Moon is the Asian equivalent of the western Man in the Moon. And congrats on a job well DONE!

  2. I almost finished!

    I love that you did this accountability project! Please do it again:)

    I also love your apron! It turned out lovely!

  3. ok...all cutting is done! (except for binding, which i'll need to measure when blocks are sewn
    and borders which are optional at this point). i am really grateful this "accountability project" came up or i would have finessed my procrastination technique...the whole project needs to be completed by 10th february, so i'll be checking in to account for my progress.
    ps--the apron is so cool...i really love the way you put your fabrics together. well done, friend! tqoe

  4. Karen, I love your apron! The fabrics are lovely and it is very simple and sweet!
    I just finished up my project - at least the first stage of it. So glad you put out the challenge (invitation) - otherwise it would still be in my mind instead of on paper!! Thanks for that! It's on my blog:

  5. oh you're so good.... I'm keeping my head above water!

  6. Every time I read your blog I am gifted, that is,
    given a gift. I love the idea of creating the calligraphy with things in the place of strokes. Your apron is a delight. Your choice of fabrics spot on.
    Hope the sun shines on you again soon.

  7. Karen, the apron is lovely.... ticking strips always stop me in my tracks and this certainly did ... you always seem to have the touch with putting fabrics and colors together... where did you get the pretty Japanese print for the band at the top?

  8. PS: hope you don't mind, but I just "pinned" your apron to my Pinterest "All things blue" board.