Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Monday, January 2, 2012

inspired in 2012

After a wonderful holiday season at our "bit of earth" in Vermont, Henry, Batman and I are empty nesters once again, and back in the "real world" in CT. 

I have been finding inspiration over at the whole living website, which is full of great recipes and wellness tips. Gretta invited me to join her on the 21 day yoga challenge over at the Yoga Journal website, where they are offering wonderful support for creating new and healthy habits. We watched the documentary Knives Over Forks while in VT and were inspired anew to pay attention to what we eat.

And I'm refreshing my supply of checklists for my daily intentions, which I'd like to bring with me into 2012.

I'm lucky to have found an accountability buddy and for the past six weeks or so we've been sharing aspirations and goals and timelines. We plan to carry this into 2012 as well.

My Etsy shop has been on vacation for a few weeks, but as you can see from the stack of gorgeous fabrics (above), I am now poised for some fun sewing this week. I'll be reopening the shop next week.

My volunteer commitments continue to grow,  and I love the work they ask of me. (In the interest of balance,  I occasionally remind myself of Anne Lamott's wisdom  that "no is a complete sentence").

I look to TED talks and On Being to stretch my mind and my spirit. And there's always the ongoing room painting to keep us busy... you know how many days are left until season two of Downton Abbey ???  A guilty pleasure, to be sure.

So, dear friends, what inspires you these days?


  1. Bravo brave heart. Robust encouragement of your 2012 plans.
    Your quotes are morsels I consume with pleasure as our glimpses of your work. Continue, please.
    Downton Abbey season two?? Yes!! Looking forward to it.
    Cheers on day 2 of the new year, written 1/2/12.

  2. OH THAT aNNIE Lamott
    I think your kitty is so beautiful...I wish I had an orange cat. I read recently that they are the first to get adopted at the shelters.
    My yoga moves are a bit doens't take long does it
    I love your picture of the flag WHEN
    should there not be a question make after it?
    take care empty nester...
    thanks for the encouragement

  3. I love your new header...what a beauty!

  4. I recently found a marvelous blog that inspires me every day -

    Art and design that makes you think and feeds your soul. Mmmmm.

  5. I've been keeping a gratitude journal, expecting to find a greater depth of appreciation, and been surprised by its BREADTH! As for what inspires me:

    1) My daughter. She is working very hard to undo no-longer-needed habits adopted upon her during illness, and to live authentically.
    2) You, Karen. I admire your diligent but forgiving efforts to live what you believe.
    3) Anyone who, in a given moment, makes the sometimes difficult choice to face the world with an open heart.

  6. Fun, I think I'll check out the 21 day yoga challenge too! I've started doing some Sun Salutations A&B as soon as I get out of bed in the morning and have found it's making a big difference in my day. A little pajama yoga in the morning is better than beating myself up about not wanting to drive 40 minutes to the nearest studio!

  7. DOWNTON ABBEY! My husband and I have it marked on the calendar. We are going to make fondue and totally indulge in it all!