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Monday, January 30, 2012

aussie birches in connecticut

Today, I made a pillow with some Ink and Spindle
birch fabric from my cupboards,
and some hemp/linen stripes purchased at GatherHere
while visiting Lindsey earlier this month.
They are so compatible.
And this basmati rice bag makes the perfect up-cycled backing!
The little pillow is a gentle reminder of our
much loved birches in Vermont.


  1. You have such a designer's eye ; ) Love these.

  2. I especially love the fabric on that chair. Have you made the chair covering too? I'm going to attempt some chair coverings soon and have been gathering information to help with that.

  3. That fabric is very chic, I agree with Chartreuse the chair fabric is also lovely.

  4. A beautiful cushion - and I love the backing too!

    Pomona x

  5. I love every part of your pillow and it looks perfect on that chair!! Oops, just noticed that there are other comments about that! A wonderful project!!

  6. Beautiful pillows:) I agree with the others about your chair too! Gorgeous upholstery!

  7. Thanks for all the pillow/chair love. I found the chair at Ethan Allen Furniture a few years ago. I had to dig around in the swatches to find this leafy upholstery fabric and then wait a few weeks for two of them to be delivered. (I am not very patient). Splurging on these chairs was part of our empty nest transition. Most of our furniture looked like four kids and their friends had hung out on it for years...