Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Monday, January 9, 2012

monday, monday


who knew, when we were raising our four kids, that we were
creating our very own fountain of youth that would replenish us
years down the road?

i stayed close to that fountain
while hanging out with lindsey and her posse of friends in boston
this past weekend.
artists (check this out), a scientist, musicians, a nurse...
smart, optimistic and funny...
the future is in good hands.

lindsey and i went on a mission to find more inspiration
 for the new year...
to freshen the pot, to shake off the weary,
to commit to new habits.

  • paper source, where i got to "spend" a holiday gift certificate.
  • blick art supplies, where the scent and sights in the watercolor aisle reminded me of my dad.
  • an asian market, where i finally found rice paper to make summer rolls.
  • gather here, where we discovered the sweetest fabric/yarn salon.
  • walking in the city, people watching and window shopping, all in the 55 degree warmth. odd.
  • eating mostly good food. :-) and baking molasses cookies.
  • good, affirming conversations that renewed and cheered me.
  • a quick visit with my mumsie and sister-in-law, ra.
  • home again, just in time for downton abbey with batman!
art every day this week, with lindsey as partner.
walking every day this week, twice with batman after work.

yeah, 2012.
we're kickin' it in week two.

how 'bout you?


  1. Love the idea that our children are our own fountain of youth.

  2. I am glad the cranes arrived in your house.
    I am so full with ideas for quilts, cannot wait to start them all. Have so much energy, don't know where it comes from but it's there and I enjoy.....

  3. I took out a map to plot your route: Boston, Cambridge, and home. Nice that places are close enough together in the north east to be able to take so much in over a weekend. I feel as if I've been along for the ride.
    We have a lovely PaperSource in Evanston, Illinois, just about 20 minutes from my city house. I find lots of what they carry hard to resist. My all time favorite paper store, though, is in Ann Arbor, Michigan where Jerome and I lived as newlyweds while he completed his masters degree. Hollanders. I always wanted to take a book binding class there....
    Sounds like you are finding much in 2012 to be grateful for.

  4. Sounds wonderful!

    Glad your year is off to such a great start!

  5. Oooooh Downton Abbey! How I wish I owned a tv in these rare moments!!! How was it? : )

  6. Keeping up with my New Year's goals so far, Dawn and I went on a muddy hike on Sunday! Might we see some crafty products on the family Etsy soon? ;-)

  7. This note is for Hannah,
    I don't have a tv set either, but I watch Downton Abbey on the internet via the PBS Masterpiece Theater website.