Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

a good start

  • pantry/fridge...tidy, inventory, shop...check.
  • gifts that wouldn't fit in westbound luggage...pack, label and stack by front door...check.
  • sheets/towels/table linens from vermont house...wash, fold, pack into bags for next trip...check.
  • "held", read, sort...check.
  • 2012 calendar...update...check.
  • thank you notes...write, address, stamp, mail...check.
  • board work...assess scope, schedule, set aside...check.
I have felt like I've been channeling my beloved paternal grandmother all day long.  Tomorrow I'll get myself into my sewing studio right after breakfast.

How has your 2012 started off so far?


  1. I'm SO impressed by how healthy your fridge looks! I need to take a few notes.

    Happy New Year! - may it be full of peace, love & happiness.

  2. Your fridge really looks clean and healthy and inviting! Mine is cluttered and needs cleaning, much like the rest of the house! Now the holidays are over, i'm overcome with guilt for not having sent cards and gifts to many friends...hope that i will have some energy in the dark evenings after work to do some of that. Happy New Year, Karen! I hope this is a blessed year of health, happiness, peace, and creativity for you and all your family (including that handsome Henry in your banner).

  3. This is exactly how i get myself going on "to do's"! Check!