Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Saturday, January 21, 2012

snowy saturday link love

When I crept out of bed and peeked out the window, I saw snow and grinned. The meetings that were scheduled for today were cancelled due to the forecast. I went downstairs and lit a fire. Henry joined me for a cup of tea before Batman was up. The three of us have spent the better part of the day here, relaxing, reading, chatting and watching the birds at the feeder. Such a luxury...a "found" day.

Today we ordered seeds for our gardens in Vermont from High Mowing Seeds. Remembering last season's gardens and dreaming about the next is such a good thing to do in the middle of January. Lately I have been enjoying this book. And while interviewing a young person for the admissions office at Earlham, he quoted this book. I read it when I was in the 7th grade (100 years ago), and decided to revisit it now (thank you, Lucas). 

This CD has been spinning in my car all week. Can't get enough. Don't know why. :-)

Discovered these patterns via Pinterest. Have any of you tried them?

I've caught up on some snail mail correspondence and wrote a card to Gretta, who is sleeping her way through an exotic Australian version of mono. She feels very far away from us, in her dorm room in Illinois. Please send her some good energy. xo.

Do you have any link love to share?

P.S. There's still time to leave a comment over here, for the notecard giveaway. (Thanks for all of your thoughtful comments over there. They made my day.)


  1. Hi Karen,
    Oh, your fireplace looks so cozy with glad you have enjoyed a snowy day!
    Hope Gretta feels better soon!

  2. I miss my gatito! And thanks for the shout-out, Marm. Feeling much better. Didn't even need a nap yesterday!