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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


We got Calico years ago from a humane society shelter.  She moved with us from IL to CT in '96.  She's had several medical challenges over the years, including  a thyroid problem.  And silly old girl has been diabetic for the last five years.  Yup, insulin shots at 8AM and 8PM every single day. Lately she has been losing weight, we call her "the incredible shrinking Callie".   In consultation with our vet, we are keeping her comfortable, waiting for her to let us know when she's ready to go to the land of catnip bliss.

Gretta and Calico are best friends, and I am not sure who was more missed these past few days, the girl or the cat.  This afternoon Gretta couldn't manage homework at the computer with Cal in her lap, so she pulled two stools together, got a pillow and now Callie is at just the right height for an occasional scratch under the chin.  And Callie still has an amazing purrrr.



  1. How dear.
    My cat sits on the dining room chair next to me when I'm on the computer and I do the same thing - reach over for a pat when she makes her little chirping sound!

  2. Very sweet that Gretta made a special nest for Callie so that she could stay nearby while she uses the computer. (Mine insist on being on my lap...leads to very interesting contortions [by me--they are perfectly comfortable!].) Does the vet say that Callie has chronic renal failure? I hope that she's with you in good health for quite a while longer.