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Monday, February 9, 2009


I ordered some LOVELY fabric from Ink and Spindle in Australia.  The fabric is hand screened on cotton/linen with environmentally friendly solvent free ink.  Enclosed in the package were these two sweet postcards!  I await inspiration for ideas of what to do with this...I just know I love it (did you notice it's birches)?  Check out the website for other beautiful designs.

One of the postcards shows a little girl sitting in a room, wallpapered with a gingko leaf motif.  I was thinking of how much fun it would be to carve a few gingko foam or lino blocks and use them to print directly on a wall.  Maybe someday in VT...

And this also reminds me of my Dad's studio when I was a very young girl.  He painted the walls with tree trunks, using a soft brown, grey, white and black, I think.  It was a long time ago...


  1. what beautiful fabric! i don't think i'd be able to cut it up. I have a friend in Melbourne, i'll have to ask her if she knows about Ink and Spindle. Lovely memory of your father's studio, too...was he also an artist?

  2. Check out my post of 1/19. My Dad was a design engineer, but painted watercolors as a hobby. My folks met in art school.

  3. Thank you for pointing me back to that post! I thought i had read your whole blog, and i remember the bit about hiking in the Audubon sanctuaries, but didn't remember that your father had painted. I share his view of the natural world!