Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

sunrise thru a window screen

I was up early this AM and caught sight of this sunrise, a bookend to last night's moonrise! Busy day ahead, getting ready to head out to Earlham College tomorrow to see our daughter Hannah and spend a few days in meetings.  So much to do, I'm not sure how to proceed out the front door. Triage, I guess!  I never understand folks when they say they are bored.

If you are curious about Earlham, use the link above and be sure to read its mission statement (found in the "about Earlham" tab).

I have a few posts drafted, so I may resort to using them while I'm away.  But I will try to do one or two live posts from Indiana. Earlham is a place dear to my heart, and so I'll try to share it with you. 

Be well, friends.

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  1. Beautiful sunrise! Our moon last night was a bit obscured by high thin clouds, but the whole sky was still full of moonlight. Have a safe trip out to Indiana! I went to Oberlin for my first 2 years of college...a similar although not quite as religiously-oriented excellent small liberal arts college. Earlham sounds like the kind of place i would like to teach if i'd managed to make a career in academia.