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Thursday, February 26, 2009

meadow bag and red hots

Here's the meadow bag, ready for the mail.  I like the contrast of the spring fabrics and the fence/snow scape outside.  I hope this bag will raise a bit of money for the Genesis Women's Shelter.

And I took kind of a big step and put a LABEL in the bag, and included a brand new e mail address I set up today.  (Just in case I decide to step out into the world a little bit farther... YIKES!)
And remember the "karen's snow day" post?  Well, it gave my "Quilters Anonymous" buddy Catherine an idea.  She sent an e mail to those of us who used to get together once a week to quilt and chat.  The group changed over the years, as folks moved into and out of the area. Catherine, looking for inspiration in the depths of winter, invited each of us to send a "red hot" bit of fabric to one another.  I received envelopes from VT, NC, Ontario and two from CT and MA.  And check out the fun I found inside!   
Catherine is already set to work on her project, turtles sunning themselves in  the warm spring air. She lives on a pond, and so her idea is just perfect. Cathleen has just asked us all if anyone has some pewter or silver fabric to spare.  I wonder what she's up to?

Thanks, Catherine, for getting "Quilters Anonymous" reconnected.

I have a few other projects to get to first, and so my red hot fabrics will have to wait.  I'll have a chance to simmer ideas in the meantime.... 


  1. The purse is beautiful and looks especially lovely contrasting its Spring-y colors with the grey fence and snow. I hope it raises a lot of money for your good cause.

    The red hot fabrics are great (and making me crave red hot hearts *g*). What a great idea! I've got some silver fabric left over from a chuppah i made a few years ago...d'you think Cathleen would like it?

  2. Thanks, quiltcat! For both your compliment and your generosity to Cathleen. Mighty nice of you to offer. I'll ask her!

  3. Hey quiltcat! Cathleen would love the leftover silver fabric. Please email me at and we can work out the details. Many thanks, Karen