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Friday, February 13, 2009

fabric friends

I have been in meetings for two days straight, yesterday from 8am-9pm. I am not used to sitting still for so long.

Funny story. At the beginning of our gathering last night, which was with a larger group, we were asked to introduce ourselves by saying our name, our connection to the college, and something about our passion in life. I am working on owning the words "art quilter", so I said that about myself. This was a room of probably 60-70 people. It felt OK.

Some of the folks who spoke after me used the words "fabric fondler" and "quilting enabler" (a husband). Soon there was a mini community of us in that room.......a very fun experience. At dinner I sat across from a professor of art history. We had a conversation about fabric manipulation and dying. We talked about how textiles are a common thread through cultures, and of women especially. We talked about the Gee's Bend quilts, Julia had seen them when they came to the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

And someone has asked to see my work, and I promised to send some photos in an email. I need to find some of my faves to share. Building up courage, stepping out. Whew!

Sorry there are no pictures today, I am in the computer lab, and I can't find an Apple!

Out to dinner with Hannah is next.......


  1. Yes, there, you've said it out loud! You own it now..."art quilter" you are for sure! And lovely that you found other fabricoholics or quilting-knowledgeable folks to chat with.

  2. You are indeed an art quilter, Karen - your work is lovely. But I know what you mean - it took me until I was in my 40's to call myself an artist.
    Enjoy your time with Hannah!

  3. Ah, if you had a set of Moo cards with you, you could have whipped them out and shown everyone what you do right on the spot! Have I shown you mine? You're going to want your own, promise.