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Monday, February 23, 2009

first guest blogger-Gretta!

Knox College Top 10 (actually in no particular order)
10. The sweet midwestern accents, por ejemplo "Chicaaaaaago"
9. An amazing choir with a director who figured out my singing part (alto) just from hearing me introduce myself. And they go to Barcelona every other year. And they were really good. Like, really REALLY good.
8. I got to sit in a chair Abraham Lincoln sat in before the 5th (5 is my lucky number) Lincoln-Douglas debate. (The debate was hosted by Knox College). It felt... historical. That debate was the first time he really came out against slavery. They really like Honest Abe out here.
7. Meeting someone I thought was a professor... he asked if I had any questions for an alumni, and it turns out he knew my great aunt and uncle. Then he asked if I had any questions for the president of the college, because he happened to be that too.
6. I wore a purple sweater (their colors are purple and gold) without meaning to. Symbolism? Fate?
5. I can play volleyball at Knox for a stellar coach! And their mascot is Prairie Fire, pretty fun and unique.
4. Amazing dinner at the Landmark Cafe, but sadly the dinner was so delicious we didn't have room for crepes. Not even in the special dessert compartment of the stomach.
3. The sound of the trains coming through town... it reminds me of my childhood.
2. They have environmental studies, biology, and latin american history.
1. Their library actually looked like it was used... it was really cozy!

So, not sending the deposit check quite yet, but it's looking pretty good. Hannah has already decided she's transferring for her senior year (although I think she was kidding), so that should be fun. :)

I feel pretty special to be the first guest blogger... GO PRAIRIE FIRE!

P.S. From Karen...Did we mention that we bought a sweatshirt?


  1. ooh girl, you look good in purple! congrats on finding a school -- and a sweatshirt -- that seems to be a perfect fit :)

  2. Knox Rocks! Sara really loves it there, although we just learned that she'll be studying abroad in New Zealand next fall (yikes!). I love the library, it's a great place to knit on a cold day while waiting for your student to finish a final. And Roger Taylor is a hoot! Glad you had a good visit, Gretta, did you look Sara up while you were there? XO Patty