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Monday, September 14, 2009

gretta's college quilt

is on the basting table, and i'm in the process of using basting pins 
(specially curved to catch all 3 layers of fabric). 
thank you deb, for encouraging me to try this method.
i thought it was too nasty for my arthritic paws.
but it's turning out to be ok.
i like it better than dreary needle and thread basting.
the fabric came via a very clever marketing idea,
from moda.
they sell stacks of 10"x 10" squares.
42 cute different fabrics to a stack,
all from one collection.
this one is called "wonderland".
so you know they all "go together".
a little off from the original idea of patchwork,
 that is, using bits from here and there.
(oh well, as long as it was just a "special treat").
some folks cut the 10" squares into smaller pieces
 and work with them that way.
but using the squares as is
 was a quick and easy quilt top to put together.

gretta and i considered two other fabric options
 before this one really "sang" to us.

i hope to be quilting tomorrow morning...


  1. ohhhh I'm so excited!!!!

  2. This is fabulous!!! Gretta, you are a lucky girl!!!
    Karen, I've enjoyed your recent posts - sorry i haven't commented - especially the one about the Vermont Land trust meeting.
    I admire your industry in putting this quilt together. I'm just now washing fabric for a lap quilt for my daughter Kate. hopefully your example will keep me going on it!!!

  3. Nice combination of colors. It'll look great when it's completed.

  4. Judy, keep us posted on your progress on Kate's quilt!

    Thanks Dena.

    And Gretta, thanks for being patient. :-)

  5. Really nice, Karen! have you used a tool called a Kwik Klip? it's supposed to help close the pins more easily. I actually enjoy hand basting small projects. We've hand basted big projects in my quilt group by attaching the quilt to a basting frame, then leaning it against a wall...and had teams of women passing a thread needle back and forth to each other, from one side of the quilt to the other. It's a fun project made lighter by the work of many hands. I have to say, my biggest machine quilted project lately i did pin baste and was thrilled with how fast it went...and how easy it was to move pins as needed as i freemotion quilted near them.