Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Friday, September 25, 2009

namaste forrest church

autumn crocus, blooming in our yard

Today I heard the sad news of the death of Rev. Forrest Church. 

In a world that is sometimes difficult to navigate, Forrest's compass was inspirational. Whatever your religious beliefs are/or are not, this spiritual man's life has something to offer was hope-filled and joyous. I recommend his writings to you. This summer, I read Love and Death, My Journey Through the Valley of the Shadow. It reminded me of so many things I already know, and got me thinking in new directions as well.

His words, "Want what you have. Do what you can. Be who you are" have been at the top of my blog for a while now. They are there because they keep me focused on the here and now. These words help me to love more and fear less. They are a touchstone for me as I try to live with intention. Today and tomorrow...

Namaste Forrest Church.

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  1. I've always loved that song lyric "the only thing that matters in the end is the love you leave behind when you're gone." Forrest Church not only left behind great love, he left things that help us love more. What an inspiration of a life. With you in sadness at his passing.