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Thursday, September 10, 2009

home grown and home sewn

While visiting Hannah at Earlham last spring, I bought this vivid pink dish towel at a Goodwill store (the camera hasn't captured exactly the right shade). Using scraps from the chard quilt (see below), I appliqued a few patches to the towel. Presto! A cheerful and fall-ish splash of color for our kitchen. For cheap.
CHARD, growing at "a bit of earth".
Chard is wicked good for you.

Have you tried chard and feta pie from 
Your Organic Kitchen by Jesse Ziff Cool?
(page 224) it's yummy!

Or lentil soup with cumin, cilantro and chard from 
Vegetable Soups by Deborah Madison?
(page 79) quick and easy!

Do you have a chard recipe you'd like to share?
Here's the CHARD lap quilt. Done.
Ready for the autumn chill.
Bring it on.


  1. I like the quilt and towel. I am going to need about 5 of those chard quilts and 5 sweaters at Christmas time when we come visit!

  2. I like to saute my swiss chard with garlic, fry up a little tempeh or tofu for the top, then sprinkle it with toasted pine nuts and serve it all over warm quinoa. Ideally I'd also smother it in a tahini-based sauce but I'm rarely pulled together enough to do so. There's something earthy about the combo of toasted pine nuts and swiss chard that I love.


    xoxo Gretta

  4. pretty dish towel and lovely quilt! i either saute chard with minced garlic and a few flakes of red pepper or steam it, chop it, and put it in a quiche. Or throw a few handsful into a pot of minestrone!

  5. oooh how beautiful mom!

    my chard recipe is as follows:
    eat something else.

    HAHA. sorry, not true. your chard pie is DELISH, mom.


  6. We have never done anything very exciting with it - just a bit of butter and seasoning, but I still love it. And the Bright Lights one looks so pretty in the garden!

    Pomona x

  7. Love those brights! I bet they give a great punch to all the blues I know must be around your place. Did Gretta take a quilt to college with her?

  8. I love the towel and the quilt. Kaffee Fassett fabrics are my favorite.

  9. Dawn, we'll have plenty of layers ready for you in December!

    m. heart, Paula and Pomona, thanks! Now I have 3 new ways to try cooking chard. (sorry Hannah)

    Hannah and Gretta, you girls even manage to be sassy from so far away!

    Deb, funny you should ask...Gretta's quilt is going on the basting table today! More later.

    Fiesta, thanks for stopping by...your quilts are FAB!