Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

new projects and old and a fun link

new projects...

1.) a gift in progress...above.

2.) and i've made a few more sachets filled with 
needles from our balsams up in vt.

3.) i was delighted be be asked to serve on
 the board of trustees at wooster school.
i attended my first meeting on saturday, 
and i look forward to doing this good work.

you may remember the quilt i made last spring
  for the wooster auction.

old projects...
1.) gretta's quilt, with no thanks to my bothersome assistant.
peter is going out for parent's weekend at knox next weekend, 
so once again, i have a deadline to help me along.
2.) the muttons are off the needles. just in time for chilly mornings!

a fun link...

ages ago, when i was a newly-wed, 
i met a dear friend, gail, and her family.
her youngest, in elementary school,
named lindsey, just sparkled.
(our lindsey carries a bit of that sparkle around, too.)
years passed, we stayed in and out of touch.
now lindsey has published a book, titled 
and i invite you to check out her blog.

back to the sewing machine!


  1. Love the tadpoles! Hope you'll show us what they turned into! I'm using My balsam sachet in my pajama drawer and it brings me soothing mountain thoughts and a smile every night - thanks Karen:-)

  2. You are a talented lady. I am about to cut back my lavender so that I can make lavender bags. I also cut a bunch to lay in the car boot so the car always smells nice in the winter. Sue

  3. Your assistant must be busy performing quality assurance inspections. LOL

    Silly little kitten.
    If I was there I would scoop him up and give him a squeeze of disapproval. I'm sure he would have appreciated THAT :)

  5. Lucky gift recipient! Have fun on the board.

  6. *lol* @ Gretta. Love the Henry foot! Believe it or not, i, the crazy cat lady, at first thought that was a human foot in a cotton sock...until i realized the blur was tummy fur and therefore that had to be a Henry-foot.