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Sunday, September 13, 2009

"harvesting optimism"

On Saturday, Batman and I attended the Annual Celebration of the Vermont Land Trust, hosted by the Cellars at Jasper Hill in Greensboro, VT. The theme of the day was "harvesting optimism". After we checked in at the registration tent, we had a tour of the cellars. 
Reed children, we thought of you as we walked into the cheddar vault (above), where 577,000 pounds of cheddar can be aged at once. Wallace and Grommit, eat your hearts out!
All the cheeses above have "washed rinds".
Folks gathered under the tent for live music and conversation. Batman spotted a familiar face across the of his high school teachers from 35 years ago! Ted is in the midst of retiring to a farm in Vermont. He joined us for an excellent catered lunch of local foods (including CHEESE) and suppliers. It was fabulous! And there was very little waste...

Folks were encouraged to "clean your plates", and leftovers were composted.

After lunch, the business meeting was conducted and conservation awards were announced. Then the panel of speakers was introduced. If you do not know about these young men, you will someday soon. 
These guys are inspiring, innovative geniuses. We have heard them speak at the NOFA Conferences in 2008 and 2009. All entrepreneurs, they are creating an agricultural renaissance in Hardwick and Greensboro. Brew yourself a pot of tea and check out the links. What these guys are up to will warm your heart.

After the festivities, we followed Ted back to his place for a quick tour of his property, traded phone numbers and e mail addresses and then we headed back to "a bit of earth".

We're back in CT now, wishing we could stay in VT...but we keep learning and networking, so that "someday" we'll be ready for living the dream full time!

There's still a few hours left to leave your name for the selvedge giveaway! Scroll down for details....


  1. That cheese looks yummy! So does living the dream mean farming in your retirement???

  2. Sounds like a great conference! I've eaten that clothbound cheddar that was aged at Jasper Hill for Cabot, and it's superb...if i ever get around to posting it, i've got a picture of it in my "taste of summer" post...the Wegmans here carries it!

  3. we actually have lots of ideas on how to use our property/energies in the future. as we explore all the great things that are happening in vermont, and learn more about "re-localizing" food and resources, we are feeling drawn into the web of "multiple bottom lines". mulling over ideas and sketching out plans is part of our empty nesting!

    anything coming out of the cellars at jasper hill is magic!