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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

harvesting balsam seeds

the cones are waiting at the very top of the trees.
a long handled clipper and 
a ladder is involved.
and i am not on it.
here are the seeds, scrunched from the cones.
drying on the three season porch up in vt.
heading to the freezer for the winter.
they will be ready for the sprouting bed in the spring.

do you do any seed saving?


  1. No, Karen, but I'm always impressed by your knowledge of such things! I'm afraid I'm just a 'container gardener', and I do need to repot some houseplants! Small stuff compared to what you do!!

  2. I had no idea one could sprout balsam seeds!

  3. No, I am far too lazy!!!
    Actually I did save some poppy seed this year!!

  4. I plan to do more - in the past I have tended to shake the seedheads of flowers where I want them to spread - or if I have saved them, to do the same. But I think I must be more methodical, and do my vegetables as well.

    Pomona x

  5. Actually, Peter is the balsam guru. When we bought the property two years ago, the owner gave us the 101 class in balsam care. With six acres of the trees on the property, Peter has carried on with internet research and book reading...

    Last year, the seeds did not sprout. We are hoping for better luck this year.

    Seedlings are another option. Peter and Lindsey planted nearly 100 Frasiers this spring! See blog archives for pics.

  6. Love your new blog banner, Karen!
    Those birches - ah-h-h-h-h!